Personnel Agency services in Rustenburg

Pro Personnel Employment Agency is an established Recruitment Agency since 1999, with a proven track- record in providing high quality staff at reasonable rates.

Pro Personnel has been providing a beneficial recruitment service to organisations based in Rustenburg and surrounding areas for more than a decade thus allowing busy executives to focus on their core business activities.

Pro Personnel maintains a large database of candidates for financial, administration, marketing, engineering, technical and semi-skilled staff etc.

The Company undertakes assignments to find suitable candidates for:

  • Permanent Placements
  • Temporary Placements



To invest in the acquisition of committed and competent employees for our clients.
To conduct our business with integrity and in a manner that respects individual diversity and dignity.
To manage our business in a way that will foster the continued development of a democratic and economically prosperous South Africa.

 Appointing the Right Employee First time Round

An employer has to know what hiring strategies to implement in their search for the acquisition of quality staff. This is a crucial element in today’s market for any business that hopes to achieve growth, success & prosperity. Costly mistakes such as loss of production, the lowering of existing staff morale, the loss of team spirit , especially time and financial implications incurred when the CCMA is involved and caused by not appointing the right person the first time and can be avoided by following a few simple and basic principles:

  • A list of the necessary skills & abilities required for the position, to be drawn up prior to the interviewing of applicants
  • It is imperative that all managers involved in the decision making process agree and provide skills list or matrix of required criteria in setting the selection points accordingly
  • Equally important, is to take into consideration the comments and advice of all other existing staff who will be working together or interacting with the new employee
  • Avoid listing certain personal traits, such as honesty, loyalty, adaptability and motivation in the selection criteria – these can be determined easily enough from the persons past working track record
  • Interviewers need to also implement a little creativity whilst interviewing and should avoid asking general type questions and instead ask how the candidate would handle a certain type of situation.
  • Another critical factor involved is that the majority of managers are skilled or trained for their various areas of expertise, unfortunately few have the necessary skills required to select and interview staff
  • This type of painstaking preparation and research requires “ TIME”, which few busy managers have much of to spare.

Pro Personnel maintains a large database of pre-screened candidates for managerial, financial, administrative, marketing, engineering, technical & semi-skilled staff, etc and are able to provide high quality staff at reasonable rates, thus allowing busy executives to focus on their core business activities.

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